Play Phantom Segment To Boost Your Score In Animal Jam

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Animal jam has many mini adventure games that allow it, users, to earn more in-game gems and tickets for progress. The return of phantoms is one such segment. It was added to the main animal jam game in July 2013 and has been a hit amongst the players since. The requirement to play this segment is relatively simple. You must be at least on the first level in to attempt playing the normal mode and on level two to try for the hard mode. Your motive in the game will be to rescue Oliver, Snowball, Daisy and Jack, all of whom are bunny rabbits and have been trapped by phantoms.

These segments form an important part of the gameplay by allowing the players to score gems and diamonds of the completion of these challenges successfully. You will have Lisa as your guide who will help you with the walk through. It is Liza that will inform you about the quest having started. You will have four other bunnies to talk to and take help. Keep in mind that invasion of the phantom’s house is what is going to lead to scoring points. To tackle phantoms, you have to avoid them as much as you can. Try and handle tackle them only when they are in plain sight. You can try and capture them by taking them to a location from where they will not be able to return to the original spot.

You will find many chests that have an abundance of gems collection and postponing of getting codes for animal jam. They are likely to be scattered all around the area, and it will be your responsibility to score by searching for them. There are about six chests that are scattered, and you will find them in different locations. One might be located near a tree whereas the other might be located somewhere near the at the river base. The chest sometimes might be difficult to find by being hidden by many rocks around it. You have to engage in smart play and search for them at every nook and corner of your gameplay area.

In case you want to get clothing items that you cannot find in the normal shops for a long time, try and opt for the hard game mode. This mode is likely to make the items more easily available to you. There are variations regarding the total number of gems that you can earn on normal and hard mode respectively. It can vary from one thousand four hundred gems to one thousand sixteen hundred gems respectively. You can raise your courage meter faster if there are comparatively lesser people and you continue to play the game at the same rate.

To complete the segment faster, try and capture as my phantoms possible to so that you do not have to waste unnecessary time in running the extra distances to get chomper plants. The hard mode version also has 2 to 3 variants of the game that makes it all the harder for the players top find the keys. As a player, it is of utmost important that you don not rely on any false easy schemes to score better and play each level with your mind, tactfully.

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