Use New API To Earn Currency By In-Game Video Ads In Roblox

Roblox Tips

You can now earn currency while playing by using the new API feature. With your game creation ability, this new earning technique has proved to be very effective apart from using the roblox free robux.  You can create some in-game video ads with this feature which will allow your game to display an ad in the video for other players to watch on Android and iOS supported devices. You are the mater and the only one to control it creatively, and it will be your wish entirely whether or not you would want to deploy this particular feature along with the developers and the builders of the game.

You simply have to know the ramifications of this API feature so that you can use some of the best practices and implement it while playing Roblox game. Some of the best practices include that you cannot play any ad for more than five times every hour in any device. Once the developers see the response to the ad that you created, they may either increase or decrease this number of the display. One of the most important things to consider is the GUI of the game and you have to make sure that the other players know that they are viewing an ad and the gameplay will resume as soon as it is completed.

Therefore you have to script it well too so that people come to know about it. You can add lines like ‘gameplay is sponsored by’ or ‘an important message from the Roblox sponsor’ which will be helpful to convey the message that the players are looking at an advertisement. This is important to make sure that the players who are inside your game do not get knocked out or take damage while watching the ad. You can do this by giving them a simple force field while the ad is playing.

It is always useful and better to show ads between interchange of levels and rounds, or before the starting of a game and also after a player is knocked out of the game. You can also enjoy some positive things by using these video impressions through your ads in Roblox. First and foremost is that the more hits your ad gets you earn more currency which is not less than a robux per twenty impressions. Therefore, if you find that your game receives heavy traffic and you want to utilize it to the maximum, it is best that you use the API feature of the game.

This feature can be a very useful tool, apart from the roblox hack, for you to advance in the game as you will have enough currency on hand always. Tie it to a button which opens with a single tap and adds items which players want to have but cannot afford with viewing the ad. Therefore, you can have enough hits for your ad and add currency to your account by this feature. You will find this feature to be very effective and useful when you play the game to showcase your creativity and innovative ideas.

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